Conductive Keratoplasty

For many people, their vision has been effortless all their lives until they find themselves needing reading glasses, or “cheaters” for everything they try to do up-close. Something as simple as reading a menu in a restaurant can turn into a fiasco without the aid of reading glasses. At Doctors for Visual Freedom, Dr. Mark Golden can help to bring your up close world back into focus without the aid of corrective lenses! Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) is a quick, effective treatment for those who have had great vision all their lives and just want that extra help for blurry near vision due to the natural aging of the eye. With virtually no down time, it is the perfect treatment for those who have busy lives, allowing return to daily activities the same day.




Dr. Golden treats each patient just like a member of his own family and would only perform conductive keratoplasty on those for whom it is an ideal option. During your consultation, Dr. Golden will be able to show you an example of how the world would appear to you after conductive keratoplasty, giving you the chance to explore this option before committing to the procedure. The overall health of your eyes will be carefully examined and all options discussed in detail with you before you ever make a decision. For those who are not good candidates for CK, PRK or LASIK may better satisfy your needs. There is only one fee for conductive keratoplasty and it will cover the entire procedure including the consultation. At Doctors for Visual Freedom your sight is precious and we are in the business of protecting and enhancing your natural gift. The first step is simple! Call us today at 312-291-9680 for our convenient John Hancock Center office in Chicago to set up your comprehensive consultation today!